Greek Ecotourism Society

About Us


The Greek Ecotourism Society is a non-governmental, non-profit organisation, based in Athens. We aim to highlight the importance of Greece as an ecotourism destination throughout the world, help protect the individual ecotourism destinations of Greece and promote them within Greece and over the world market. We also seek to promote our members’ businesses on the international ecotourism market, through our website and social media, and through our participation in international tourism exhibitions and conferences. We provide the opportunity for our members to become certified under the internationally recognised European Ecotourism Labelling Standard (EETLS – European Ecotourism Labelling Standard, recognised by the GSTC) and acquire the corresponding quality label (unique in Greece) following an independent evaluation.
We provide support, guidance and training to ecotourism businesses to improve their operations and become certified; and to the public, concerning the advantages and importance of ecotourism, environmental protection and integrated development of ecotourism destinations. We cooperate with the central and local governments, but also with other NGOs to formulate rules ensuring that the natural beauty of Greece will be preserved for future generations.


To preserve the environment and cultural heritage in Greece whilst respecting local communities.

To promote Greece as an ecotourism destination internationally and promote Greek ecotourism businesses on the international tourism market.

To offer guidance and support for ecotourism businesses in Greece to become certified under the European Ecotourism Labelling Standard.

To encourage networking and the sharing of best practices between ecotourism businesses in Greece and the rest of Europe.

To conduct research and studies on the subject of ecotourism in Greece.

To create, edit and disseminate ecotourism publications with a particular focus on Greece.

To organise conferences, workshops and seminars which focus on ecotourism in Greece.


Our mission is to develop and showcase ecotourism in Greece and promote Greece internationally as an ecotourism destination. To achieve this, we collaborate with the international ecotourism market and its agencies, as well as with national and local bodies. We also educate ecotourism businesses and the public, and we certify and promote businesses using the internationally recognized (by the GSTC) European Labelling Standard Ecotourism (EETLS).


Our board of directors represents a team of academics and businesspeople in the tourism industry who aspire to empower ecotourism-related businesses and organizations with the aim of making Greece one of the leading ectourism destinations in the world.

Fouli Papageorgiou
Managing Director,
PRISMA Centre for Development Studies

Vice President
Frosso Dimitrakopoulou,
Co-Director, ECOCLUB, The International Ecotourism Club

General Secretary
Kostas Teneketzis
Environmental Researcher and Environmental Management Consultant

Natali Dologlou,
Researcher at the National Technical University of Athens

Regular Member
Iyad Kayali,
CEO, Medventure LTD. / Ecotourism Greece

Supplementary Members
Giannis Avrameas,
Owner and Director of the ecotourism company «2407 – Mountain Activities»
Marina Papathanasiou Valli
Owner and Manager, Eleonas Guesthouse


The Greek Ecotourism Society is comprised of three different workgroups:

  1. Corporate identity and promotion
  2. Certification of tourism businesses
  3. Resources and networking

Choose a group which interests you and join forces with us so that we can initiate change through a stronger action plan!

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